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Computer Courses 
(End User Computing)

With our computer courses, each student advances in his/her own pace. Classes start from 8:00 am up to 19:00 in the evening. This is flexible training and there is freedom to set the times of your training. To maintain optimum concentration, it is advised that training does not exceed 2 hours a day. Please contact us should require full day computer training. You will receive your training materials and this will be your property once you have completed the computer course. Upon completion, you will receive Certification. We also facilitate your sitting for international exams such as ICDL, IC3 and CompTIA
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Computer Sciences

Earn fully accredited certificate in:

Computer Programming

Full stack Developer Course

Python Programming

Database management

Web Development 

App Development & Many more.

First Aid Course 

The level 1 first aid course is a basic first aid course, an introduction to emergency care, equipping learners with the skills to apply and perform basic first aid in emergencies. Delivered by registered health care professionals, learners will cover theoretical knowledge and have to perform practical skills competently, such as CPR and choking. First Aid level 1 is the starting point to the three levels of first aid, and is usually the minimum requirement to be met by companies when being inspected by governing bodies such as the Department of Labour. 

 SAQA ID : 119567 

 NQF Level: 1 

 Credits: 5 

 Duration: 2 Days 

 Certificate: Validity: 3 Years 

 Course Fee: R950.00 Saiosh Verified

Basic Fire Fighting 

The Basic Fire Fighting / Fire Marshal Course equips learners with the knowledge to identify, contain, prevent and extinguish different types of fires using basic firefighting equipment. Learners are taught basic firefighting techniques and how to apply them in a safe and correct manner.This course is aimed at preventing fires, creating a prepared environment and building confidence when faced with an unexpected fire emergency. 

 SAQA ID : 12484 

 NQF Level: 2 

 Credits: 4 

 Duration: 1 Day 

 Certificate Validity: 2 Years 

 Course Fee: R950.00 

 Saiosh Verified

SHEMTRAC - Safety Officer

The Safety Officer course is a very practical training course developed specifically for Safety Officers that assist companies to manage compliance with South African legislation. Anyone interested in entering a career in the Health & Safety industry should complete this course. These course modules can be completed individually on any dates available in our training schedule. Once all course modules are completed, a learner is required to write Safety Officer assessment with case studies and a final exam. 

 SAQA ID : 244283 

 NQF Level: 5 

 Credits: 10 

 Duration: 5 Weeks 

 Certificate: No expiry date 

 Course Fee: R9500.00 

 Saiosh Verified

Working at Heights

This training is designed to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to work at height safely, thereby minimising the risk and increasing chances of survival should a fall occur. SAQA ID : 229998 

 NQF Level: 1 

 Credits: 2 

 Duration: 3 Days 

 Certificate: 3 Years 

 Course Fee: R800.00 

 Saiosh Verified

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